Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bathroom Bidet

Bidet: to have or not to have? Is it still worth betting on such a contradictory element in the history of bathrooms? The truth is that many people are still not sure what a bidet is, let alone how to use it. And if you also have these and other questions, stay here in this post with us. Let’s explore this intriguing world of bidets.

Let’s start by answering the most important question of all: what is a bidet?

The bathroom bidet is a sanitary ware very similar to the toilet, but with opposite functions. While the toilet is used for basic needs, the bidet is used for cleaning the private parts after these needs. That is, first the person uses the vase, then the bidet. Another feature of the bidet is that it does not have a flush or lid. Instead, it comes equipped with a drain and water outlets for cleaning. The bidet appeared in France in the 18th century and, at first, it was a portable piece that could be taken from one place to another, but it was mainly used in bedrooms.

Bidet Advantages and Disadvantages


One of the biggest advantages and reasons behind using a bidet is hygiene. With it, it is possible to perform a more efficient intimate cleaning than that done only with toilet paper. On certain occasions, such as during women’s menstruation, the bidet is even more useful, as it allows for much more complete hygiene throughout the day. The bidet can still be used for sitz baths.

Comfort for people with reduced mobility

People with reduced mobility, such as the physically handicapped or the elderly, can find comfort in the bidet, as they can do their hygiene without depending on other people, as happens at bath time, for example. In this way, the bidet also ends up bringing more autonomy and freedom to this group of people.

Good for sensitive skin

Some people with sensitive skin may have problems with the constant use of toilet paper or baby wipes. The bidet, in these cases, would be a way to alleviate this problem. Along the same lines, the bidet is recommended for those who suffer from hemorrhoids. The most delicate cleaning does not harm the skin and favors certain physical conditions.

The disadvantage of the bidet

The bidet’s biggest drawback is the space it takes up in the bathroom. Most models are similar in size to a toilet. Therefore, not all bathrooms can receive a complement of this type, making it impossible, for example, to use a bidet in a small bathroom.

How about now knowing 10 ideas for a bathroom with a bidet? Maybe these are the inspirations that were missing for you to take the piece home. Check out:











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