10 Amazing Bidet Bathroom Ideas to Get Inspired!

Nothing more common in the old days than a bathroom with a bidet. This was the inseparable companion of the toilet until the hygienic shower arrived and (almost) put an end to this seemingly unshakable relationship. Yes, modern life has almost extinguished the bidet, but it has been saved, and today, despite being quite rare and little used, it can still be seen from time to time in some house that has stood the test of time or in a project that celebrates it. the past.

In today’s post we will talk exclusively about this classic bathroom model and present you ideas for you to have one there in your house, come see.

What is and what is the bidet for?

A bidet is a sanitary accessory usually made of ceramic and slightly larger than a regular toilet. Equipped with tap and drain, the bidet basically serves to wash and sanitize the intimate parts of the body.

Invented in France in the late 17th century, the bidet was used only by wealthy families and the nobility. To use it, it is recommended that the person feels facing the piece so that he has full control over the jet and the water temperature. Besides being very useful for personal hygiene, the bidet can still be a great ally of the intimate hygiene of women in the menstrual period.

What are the advantages of having a bidet bathroom?

And is there any advantage left in having a bathroom with a bidet? The answer to this question is very variable and is more related to your personal taste than to advantages and disadvantages.

Personal hygiene is undoubtedly the main benefit that the bidet offers. But before you decide whether or not to choose the part, consider the space you have available in your bathroom. This is the main factor in determining whether or not it is possible to have a bidet.

If your space does not allow the use of the bidet, do not feel bad to adhere to the hygienic shower. It came precisely to supply the need for small houses.

Modern Bidets

Over time, even the bidets have gained bolder, more modern versions. Nowadays it is possible to find bidets with a choice of cold and hot water, liquid soap and air jet for drying, without the use of wipes.

The design of the bidets has also changed a lot, so they can be used in very modern and contemporary designs.

How to choose a bidet

You opted for the bidet and now comes the question: how to choose the ideal model? Evaluate the dimensions of your bathroom first and see if the part can be installed correctly in place. For this, a clearance of about 30 cm on each side of the bidet is recommended so that it can be used from the front.

The design and color of the bidet should match the style of your bathroom. In that case, prefer to buy the bidet toilet set, so you maintain visual harmony between the pieces.

In more modern projects it is common to notice the use of bidets and suspended toilets, note this tip.

Care in using the bidet

As it is a sanitary accessory for personal hygiene, the bidet should be installed in private bathrooms. It is also important to keep the part clean at all times, thus avoiding the risk of contamination and infections.

Here’s a selection of 10 bidet bathroom designs, get inspired, and start planning yours!













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