A Monochrome Arts and Crafts apartment You’ll Absolutely Love

When a collaboration occurs between creative souls you can be assured on a good outcome! Not just in designing the space but also for the part of decoration of this art and crafts apartment. The client was already a great lover of soft grey colors, muted colors and charcoals, so working on this apartment was a dream come true to the interior designer. With his incredible sense of style it became such an easy task to plan and scope. Also, when it came down to finding links on how the different spaces can come together without destroying the intent of the original arts and crafts floor plan, wasn’t a problem either.

One of the biggest challenges they had to face was linking the spaces, and also forming new openings that retained the original integrity of the apartment. They also worked with tight dimensions when it came to the powder room and delineated an in-wall basin so it can enable the space to work.

The whole interior has a sense of serenity and there are also quite dark elements that are put up as an contrast with large expanses of chalky greys. This home has been worked with a very tight palette, because the concept was made that way to be based on traditional detailing. It has been simplified and stylized to bring a contemporary touch to the space.

When you put restriction to the palette and detailing, it definitely brings a strong feeling of continuity to the spaces and increases the sense of volume.

Because of the client’s strong Italian heritage it was very easy to choose a marble with a strong vein Arabescato. So, the selection of appliances was primarily based on what would work best for him.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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