9 Wonderful Modern Apartment Room Decor Ideas

Comfortable, functional, and beautiful to live! This is a modern apartment! And if you want to achieve a decor that meets this style, then this post here was made for you. We brought below tips and inspirations for you to rock the decor of your modern apartment, come see!

Modern apartment decor: tips for getting the style right

Modern decor is the most coveted nowadays. Not only because of its contemporaneity (somewhat obvious) but, above all, because of the functional and practical characteristics of this type of decoration. Follow:

Modern color palette

Getting the color palette right in your modern apartment decor is one of the first things you need to do. To avoid mistakes, the tip is to focus on using neutral and light colors in the base, such as white, light gray, pastels, and Off White.

These shades can be combined and used to fill the largest areas of the environment (floor, ceiling, walls, and doors), as well as the most prominent furniture (kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, sofa, and dining table, for example).

If you’re a modern, minimalist type, you can keep this palette sober and clean, even adding a little black to play with contrasts. But if you prefer a little more color and liveliness in the decoration, use warm and cheerful colors in the composition of the details. It could be a yellow pillow, a blue blanket, an orange lamp, or a green vase, (not necessarily in this shape). The interesting thing is that you coordinate these colors with each other so that they create harmony and a visual whole. One option is to bring complementary colors to the modern decor, especially if you like something more laid-back and irreverent, such as blue and orange, pink and green, and yellow and purple.

But to maintain a more sophisticated aesthetic, bet on the combination of analogous colors, that is, those that are side by side in the chromatic circle and, when used together, form a smooth gradient of tones. A good choice is blue and green, for a cooler and more formal composition, or yellow and red, for a warm and welcoming decoration. You can also bet on the undertones of these colors, such as earth tones (closer) or pastels (lighter and more open).

Just don’t forget the base colors. They remain the highlight. Don’t lose sight of them.

Light up the apartment

Lighting, whether natural or artificial, is another highlight of modern apartment decor. Take advantage of all the lighting that comes from the window and install curtains if necessary. Artificial lighting, in turn, is the icing on the cake for this type of decoration. That’s because the modern style is minimalist, in essence, and the lighting project works as an aesthetic complement to the environment.

In this case, abuse pendant lamps, ceiling rails, directional spotlights, LED strips, and floor lamps.

Stylish furniture

Straight-line furniture is the most suitable for decorating a modern apartment. Forget the rococo, the excess of adornments, and the use of very demarcated curved elements. Instead, prefer straight, continuous-line furniture, armless sofas and chairs, and handleless cabinets.

How about now get inspired by 9 modern apartment decor ideas? So let’s go!











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