6 Decorating Tips to Make Your Air Conditioner Look Cool

With the festive season around, it’s time to decorate your house. You may have already bought decorative lights, cables, and wires from the electrical supply store, but don’t you think that your air conditioner deserves love just like the other parts of your room? After all, it is the savior during scorching summer days. You just cannot think of living without it during summer. If it gets so much importance during one season, why not show some more love when it isn’t its season? You are probably wondering how to decorate an air conditioner, right? Here are a few tips that will help.

1. Add stickers

This is an inexpensive decorating idea but works brilliantly to make your AC look different. You can choose from a wide range of stickers from a stationary store. Whether you like superheroes, cute animals, or want to give a festive look with Santa and Rudolf stickers, make sure you buy enough to cover the entire HVAC system.

2. Hang festive tinsel

You use tons of garlands and tinsels on your Christmas tree, doors, windows, and over the fireplace. Why not use a few on your air conditioner? Remember to maintain the same color theme throughout the room. If you are going for silver tinsels, then use a similar one for your air conditioner.

3. Stick Polaroid pictures

You usually see Polaroid pictures on walls and refrigerators, but try hanging them from your air conditioner. It looks so beautiful; you can’t imagine. You can set up a theme for the pictures you stick on your air conditioner. For example, the photos you took on the beach. This would remind you of your summer holidays and how the AC kept you calm during that time.

4. Put some fake snow

If you decorate the air conditioner only for the festive period, then lay some fake snow on the HVAC system. You would probably buy fake snow for your Christmas tree and other parts of the room. Buy a bit more to make your air conditioner look cooler.

5. Spray paint cool designs

Buy some colorful spray paint and imprint beautiful designs on the AC. But make sure you can remove those designs later. Usually, the glossy surface of air conditioners will ensure that the paint doesn’t stick permanently. Be as creative as possible. Paint a cool night theme or maybe the solar system with stars and different planets.

6. Hang Christmas tree decorations

Make your air conditioner a part of the Christmas celebration by hanging figurines, stars, bells, hanging icicles, tree skirts, wreaths, stockings, and lights. No one would be able to identify it as an air conditioner.

It’s that time of the year when you get creative with your decorations. If you want to involve all the elements of your room, don’t forget your air conditioner. These tips are enough to make it look different during winter. Therefore, put your creative hats on and start decorating because winter is already here, and Christmas is knocking on your door.


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