5 Ideas to Make a Dark Room Seem Brighter

It is possible that our living room appears dark for a significant portion of the day due to a lack of windows, windows that are not large enough, or a home that is not as well-orientated as we would want. If our living room is not and is difficult for us to move in, we need tactics that will help us increase the flow of light in it as much as possible, making it appear brighter. The luminosity makes the rooms more delightful, bright and inviting.

1. Light-tone decor


Light-colored painting and décor always give rooms the appearance of being brighter than they actually are. By reflecting light, white is the hue that will assist us in increasing the amount of light in a room. Although we can still employ details in other tones, white should be the predominant tone on most surfaces.

2. Different points of light

Multi Lighting

Artificial light will be used to compensate for the lack of natural light, hence multiple locations with multi lighting lamps will be needed. We can obtain sufficient luminance and best make up for the absence of sunlight with a well-balanced blend of indirect and direct illumination.

3. Mirror reflections


Mirrors reflect light much like white does, increasing a room’s brightness and giving the impression that it is larger. In order to maximize the potential of the rooms and make them appear even greater than they actually are, they are vital partners when it comes to applying decorative techniques and methods.

4. Connection with nature


Finally, by connecting with nature through plants, we can more easily feel that the light we use is from the sun rather than from man-made light sources. If we want to increase the amount of light in our area, we must also take care of the ornamental elements in order to do so in the most aesthetically pleasing and natural way possible.

5. Cheerful and bright colors


Beyond white, the use of bright, cheerful colors such as yellow on smaller surfaces can also help make a room appear brighter. Always keeping white as a base to occupy the highest percentage of the visible surface, we can incorporate yellow or another intense tone of our choice in a sofa or through textile accessories, for example.


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Author: Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski

A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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