5 Decoration trends to follow in 2023

Discover the 2023 interior design trends. These are not necessarily the directions we should follow, but rather, they offer us something new to look at.

These are the 2023 interior design trends that will make your house more beautiful.

1. The bathroom takes on color

The bathroom is an integral part of any home, and it takes on a unique personality through the use of color. One of the most inspiring colors is the Terracotta.

2. Tufted decor to warm up

The various interior design trends of 2023 encourage us to think of warm and comfortable things. We have seen these cushions and rugs that feature warm relief patterns that are ideal for any room.

The process of tufting is an artisanal technique that involves inserting various threads at varying heights. It gives a very comfy and attractive look.

3. We use natural colors

Natural colors are not a trend, but a way of life. They can help us create an environment that is comfortable and comforting. They come in a variety of evocative names, such as beige, off-white, ecru, ivory, and linen, and these can be used to create a multitude of different looks.

4. The color brown is making a comeback

The return of warm colors, such as mustard, terracotta, and Bordeaux, has led to the resurgence of the brown color. Although it has been neglected for a long time, this is still a very appreciated color due to its warm side and its ease of pairing it

with natural materials, such as cane or linen.

5. The furniture is dressed in thin strips

The latest style of furniture to emerge is covered with thin strips, which are adding a bit of graphic interest to our homes. The use of thin strips on the furniture is a new style that shows a strong personality. This type of design can be used in various areas of the house.


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