5 Basic Home Decor Items That Interior Designers Simply Love!

We don’t know why there is such a bad reputation around the term “basic”, even though it conjures some images of boring decor. Those items like white sofas and neutral rugs are considered the so-called boring ones. But honestly, we think that these timeless staples called basics lay the perfect groundwork for effortlessly stylish spaces. Thankfully, there is always a second opinion on this subject so here we have the thoughts of some of the professionals. The decor experts that you are about to read speak on which “basic” home decor items will simply never go out of style.

We have gathered the opinions of the decor experts of the industry’s leading interior designers. Let us start with Emily Henderson from Emily Henderson Design and Sarah Bartholomew who is a Nashville-based designer. Also, Courtney Nye of Courtney Nye Design, Leanne Ford of HGTV’s Restored by the Fords and Shea McGee of Studio McGee.Β  Speaking on the topic here’s what they think about the basic decor items and their usage in our homes.

Here are the items from a non- basic table lamp to a covetable tabletop accessory. They all make every meal very special, so just keep scrolling to get a glimpse of them. Every single one of these pieces is an item that the pros will always love.

A Killer Lamp

According to Emily Henderson, this one is such a killer piece! Why? Well, because it can be easily mixed in with almost any home style. Also, it’s neutral enough to not hog all of the attention and it has an interesting yet simple shape. She says that it just adds so much character to the room.

A large potted plant

Nye takes us to the more organic part of our home that we should be thinking about most of the time. She says that space never feels complete if there is no form of greenery. We all know that an organic element means much because it breathes a little life into the room. So, filling a bare corner won’t be difficult on you to manage so you can add a little softness.

Natural Texture

Through Bartholomew‘s lens, a home with a natural texture always ground the space. The natural texture simply never goes out of style and she always loves to layer it into a home. It just doesn’t matter whether it’s a woven tray, rattan chair, or sisal.

A Decorative Tray

McGee says that they love a good tray because they’re one of the most versatile decor items. Also, they are so functional that are perfect for creating a simple moment in any space. They often used them to keep a collected and polished feel, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

An Earthy Vessel

When we speak of ‘basic’ home decor, Ford has always loved decorating places with as many natural elements as possible. You see she says that the earthy vessels and the pottery really brings nature in the home. Loving these items Ford has many tips to share, and one of them is to cut lush greenery from your backyard. Why? Well, when you feature it in one of the vessels on your dining room you’ll feel like you are dining al fresco without even having to leave the house. How do you like that?


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