4 Sophisticated Colors That Will Be Trendy This Spring

Spring is colored with the most beautiful colors! After a few gray months, everyone want to dive into a rich array of colors. Fortunately, interior designers are here to help to express our feelings and offer this spring we are playing a little with a range of colors.

The colors of the precious stones

If you remember, the colors of the gems – rubies, sapphires and emeralds – were at the peak of popularity a few years ago. Now this trend is coming back to the interior. Precious stones always look luxurious and rich in the interior design. The jade, emerald, or ruby ​​looks super-sexual, dramatic and sophisticated.

Warm neutral tones

Neutral colors were and will be the easiest and most convenient option for those who are not accustomed to risk. There are advantages in stability, in this trend this spring. In 2019, the shades of gray are still trendy, but now only with mild creamy tones.


Deep dark colors

Spring is not dedicated only to pastel shades! If you want something more dramatic and complex, choose deep blue or green tones. An exciting trend that finds more and more new fans. Dark, rich colors are perfect for small rooms if you want to make them more intimate and dramatic. These deep colors are great for libraries, offices, corridors, bathrooms and other rooms in which you want to show your style.


Neutral shades

Are you sure that the neutral color is boring? We are ready to challenge all your arguments only with this color scheme. Designers this spring showed that neutral shades are everything, just not boring. They look particularly nice in dark rooms.


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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