16 Incredible Handmade Planter Ideas That You Can Easily DIY

Do you think that we can finally say that spring is almost here? According to the weather in most places, probably not. But if you are among the people who are not living in the places affected by the still winter weather, then you are probably thinking about upgrading your garden a bit. And that is pretty important if you are a person who wants his garden looking nice and fresh as well as being able to fully enjoy it during the beautiful spring and upcoming summer weather.
As we have said many times before, you can enjoy things you buy, but when you do something entirely by yourself, the enjoyment is double, as well as feeling proud that you have accomplished something and therefore probably saved a lot of money by doing so. For that reason, we are going to show you handmade planter ideas that you can make by yourself and thus improve your garden as well as keep your wallet in your pocket.

Welcome to our latest DIY collection of 16 Incredible Handmade Planter Ideas That You Can Easily DIY in which we will gladly show you some great and incredibly easy DIY ideas ffor which you don’t need anything other than some spare time on your hands and of course some material. But the cool thing about the material is that you probably won’t have to buy anything because the following handmade planter ideas are mostly made of reclaimed or recycled wood or other stuff that you will most certainly find laying around your home. Enjoy!

Pyramid Planter

Wooden Handmade Planter

Wine Bottle Hydro Planter (Self Watering)

Industrial Steel Framed Mason Jar Planter with Hand Hammered Copper Banding

Elegant Faceted Wooden Planter

Lovely stacked wooden planter

Handmade black Planter Painted in Stained rough-cut Cedar-woo

Reclaimed Wood Accent Planter

Four Cube – Cedar Garden Planter

Concrete Succulent Planters

Rustic style hanging garden indoor or outdoor planter

Tall Outdoor Wooden Planter – Flower Box

Wooden Truck Planter

Mid Century Jungalow Hanging Planter

Rustic Aspen wooden planter

Medium Rustic Aspen Planter


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