Would You Have Uneven Side Tables?

Three side tables of different shapes, heights, and materials are arranged in this room, and not only do they not clash, but they do their job well and blend in perfectly with the decorative style.

Auxiliary tables are great allies in decoration, due to their small volume and size they can be moved from one room to another and have different functions wherever they are located. Decoratively speaking, they complement environments very well, filling spaces and adding functionality without recharging, so having one is almost not enough, more is needed.

In this room there are three different ones, two nested, one with a transparent glass top and the other one in black painted metal that act as coffee tables and the third table located on one side of the sofa and seems to have the top of stone or marble, we cannot distinguish very well in the photo it supports the others. As we said, the auxiliary tables can be moved very easily and be a good accessory when we need it depending on the moment. It occurs to us that that table with the stone top that also has a handle can be used perfectly on the balcony or in the kitchen, as an extra space for support if you have guests, for example, to leave drinks or other items.

In small homes, are very practical, which is where it is important to have a few pieces of furniture, but with various functions, light, and easy to transport or move.

Do you have side tables at home? And nested tables? Are they the same in different sizes or different styles like in this example?











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