Why TV Cabinets Are the Key to Stylish Living Rooms?

In our modern and connected homes, the TV has more than the central place. Often in the living room, sometimes in the kitchen, or even the bedrooms: this large black screen is an obsession for decoration fans. Fortunately, the TV cabinet often comes to fix everything, by offering additional space to invest.

How to choose your TV cabinet?

Even if we would like it to be otherwise: the TV cabinet is visually the focal point of the living room. As all eyes converge on it, it is essential that it matches the rest of your decoration.

The style

In order not to clash with the rest of the room, it is essential to choose a TV stand in the same spirit as the other furniture. A touch of caning will bring a hint of retro/bohemian style. Metal furniture will immediately have an industrial connotation. As for wood, it can be adopted in a fairly neutral finish for a timeless look, or patinated for a more rustic look.

The practical aspect

Like any storage unit, the ideal TV unit must have certain features such as closed compartments (with doors or drawers), open niches, and one or more outlets to let the cables pass. This last point is essential because it will allow you to better organize your TV corner.

Also, think about the size of your furniture: it should be neither too big nor too small. The best thing is to refer to the size of your TV so as not to be mistaken.

The Wall Mounted TV Case

For a more decorative look, you can opt for the wall-mounted TV option. To do this, it’s very simple: you will first need to acquire a TV wall mount (there are plenty of models, of different sizes and budgets).

Next, determine how high to hang your TV on the wall. The answer is quite simple: place the top third of your TV above eye level and the remaining two-thirds below.

More and more people are making this choice for an obvious reason: this installation allows you to transform your television into a real wall decoration, as offered in particular by Samsung’s The Frame TV. This also allows you to save space to decorate your TV cabinet!


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