Why Make A Kitchen Garden?

Basil for the sauce? It’s on hand! Lettuce for a salad? Just get it! And the mint pro kibe? Right there! Do you know how you can make this culinary magic happen? With a vegetable garden in the kitchen. That simple.

In today’s post, we’ll tell you all the advantages of having a vegetable garden like this, always at hand, besides, of course, teaching how to make a vegetable garden in the kitchen. Come on?

7 advantages to convince you

1. Fresh food

The possibility of having fresh food whenever you need it is one of the great advantages of the kitchen garden. And everyone knows that fresh food tastes, smells, and texture much better.

2. Free of pesticides

Have you ever thought about consuming food without having to worry about pesticides? Really good right? And you can achieve this with a simple vegetable garden in the kitchen, as the production in this space is completely organic and controlled by you.

3. Practicality

A kitchen garden can also be very practical. Can you imagine you needing a handful of cilantro and noticing you don’t have the herb in the fridge? You’ll need to go to the market, line up, waste time… that whole thing. With a vegetable garden in the kitchen, this is no longer a problem.

4. No waste

Have you ever thrown food away because you couldn’t consume it on time? This is precise because fresh foods such as herbs and vegetables last shortly after they are picked. But with the vegetable garden in the kitchen, you only harvest what you need, without waste.

5. Economy

At first, it may not seem like it, but a vegetable garden in the kitchen can save you money at the supermarket and the market. Do the math and see how much you spend each week on parsley, cilantro, chives, lettuce, tomatoes, among other foods that can easily be grown at home.

6. Healthier life

With a vegetable garden in the kitchen, it is easier to eat healthy, after all, there will always be an option for fresh seasoning to make you escape from ultra-processed foods or a salad at your disposal.

7. Because it’s beautiful

Any decoration is more beautiful and cozy with a vegetable garden, you can bet.

Where to set up the kitchen garden

In pots

The most classic way to set up the kitchen garden is in pots, whether made of plastic, clay, or cement. The most important thing is that they are the right size for the plants that will be placed there.

The weight of the vases is also an important factor, especially if they are mounted on the wall or placed on some delicate furniture.

In bib

Planters work similarly to pots, but with the difference that they accommodate a larger amount of plants in the same space. You can choose models in plastic, ceramic, or cement.

In recyclable containers

How about joining your organic garden with recyclable containers? The planet thanks you! Use cans, bottles, and pots to set up your kitchen garden.

In vertical panels

For those with little space, the solution is to invest in a vertical kitchen garden. You can make this garden model using vases or planters that are attached directly to the wall.

In suspended hangers

Another charming solution for gardens in small kitchens is hangers or, if you prefer, macramé stands. They can be fixed to the ceiling at varying heights to create movement in the decor.

Check out kitchen garden ideas below to inspire you to do too:











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