Why is it urgent to switch to pellet stoves and wood inserts?


If snuggling up by the fire is one of the ultimate pleasures of winter, reinventing the traditional experience by offering an unprecedented combination of optimal heating, unstoppable design and ecological systems. High-performance, low-polluting and economical, the Italian brand’s new pellet stoves and wood-burning inserts are emerging as sustainable solutions coupled with efficiency even as gas and electricity prices continue to rise. increase. All fired up, zoom on novelties that it is urgent to adopt.

The Pellet Stove is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative and revolutionary heating systems on the market, mainly due to its clean and renewable energy thanks to the type of fuel it uses. It can be stated that Pellet Stoves are renewable heating systems. They produce heat thanks to the use of a 100% renewable fuel, the Pellet is produced from totally vegetable waste that is introduced into a sealed chamber, the stove and thanks to its combustion they generate a very pleasant radiant heat.

We are going to tell you everything you need to know before choosing a Pellet stove, the types of installations, the types of stove and the power that you may need at a given moment.

What benefits does a Pellet Stove provide?

  • Ecological fuel and 100% renewable.
  • The pellet has a high calorific value, it produces very little residue in the form of ash as a result of combustion.
  • The energy savings obtained with Pellets is very important, thanks to their low price compared to other fuels such as diesel, propane, butane and electricity.
  • Produces tiny amounts of CO2, so it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect
  • The stove can be controlled from digital thermostats, being able to set the desired temperature, and the same stove manages the cost of Pellets, to reach and maintain that temperature, nowadays they can be controlled even from the Smartphone
  • If you store it well the Pellet can last indefinitely.

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