Why Black Interior Doors are Good for Your Sophisticated Home?

If something characterizes many Nordic homes, it is the interior carpentry in white lacquered wood, we could say that it is a standard in interior finishes.

Seeing that black carpentry, for its rarity, is striking and interesting.Β The truth is that, despite what we would have imagined, the combination of neutral, white and natural wood decoration with black doors, creates an elegant contrast, is balanced with other small elements in black, so it does not steal any prominence to the furniture.

This 103 mΒ² apartment is located in a 1928 building in Kungsholmen, a quiet island that houses the Stockholm City Hall and reflects through that spike wooden floor and the shape of the details of the windows of its age, the glass doors Black lacquered follow that conductive thread and that decorative floor tone of another era.

We will let you soak this home in, and make the best out of the given inspiration for your home, maybe?




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