Which materials to choose for flooring: parquet, waxed concrete or tiles?

As soon as you enter a house, the floor is the first thing you see. Thus, when building or renovating, it is important to decide on which flooring to invest in. Between the nobility of the wood, the longevity of the concrete floor, and the shine of the tiles, we have to decide. Here are some details to see to help you find the right choice.

Wood sets the mood

Raw planks, natural fibers as well as laminate flooring, come from a large family of noble materials. The natural touch that wood gives off adds a luxurious and classic feel to a home. In the ecological era, bamboo, in slats or floating floors, for example, has its place in a bedroom or a refined dining room. A solid parquet floor illustrates wood in all its splendor. In addition, the finish of a wood floor is easily personalized. As a general rule, wood is more expensive per square meter than all other coatings. Don’t forget that your budget also includes the cost of sound and heat insulation as well as the treatment of the wood.

Custom tiling

Very widespread dressing, the use of tiling tiles gives a permanent impression of cleanliness to your floor. Added to this is the infinite possibility of customizing the format, color, and material. Moreover, there is something for every budget. In case of breakage, the repair is easy. That said, the tiles give that cold feeling. On the other hand, noise pollution is not absorbed on the tiling and the tiled coverings quickly become slippery at the slightest drop of water on the surface.

The waxed concrete marks the solidity

Concrete as a floor covering is particularly strong. Concerning the number of years of service it has ahead of it, the price of cement paving remains reasonable. With a well-crafted finish, cement does not pale in comparison to other possibilities. Especially since it provides this uniform appearance without the slightest joint. What makes it very hygienic and easy to maintain except for a few details. The paving, especially in the finishing phase, must imperatively be entrusted to a specialist. Small unsightly cracks break the charm after a few years of service.


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