When The Protagonist Of A Decoration Is The Window

There are windows and then there are WINDOWS! spectacular the large window of this apartment in the center of Gothenburg.

It is very clear where the eyes go when entering this 73 m² apartment in Sweden, that large triple window topped in an arc, is the absolute protagonist of that interior, the rest, which is also very well chosen and very elegant, passes practically to the background and that is to say.

We must never underestimate the power that an architectural element can have in our homes, much less the coatings of large and small surfaces because these are the bases for the rest of the decorative elements.

If the base is not good, it can be camouflaged, but we will never obtain an elegant final result, nor with that luxurious appearance as this house has.

We have focused our attention on the large window, but as you see the photos and walk around the apartment, you will see how beautifully everything is organized and distributed, how well the furniture has been chosen, the entire design, the spaciousness, the warm and elegant finishes, the range of colors in neutrals so natural and serene in each room… many inspiring corners.

What do you like the most? the living room, the distribution, the large window? 


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