What is the meaning of the color yellow in decoration?

Associated with joy, good humour, charisma, well-being and even idealism, yellow is a vibrant and stimulating colour and is also the symbolises of friendship and brotherhood. Versatile and sunny, this shade also represents knowledge, knowledge and science. Lemon yellow, mustard yellow or sunny yellow, here you will find everything you need to know about yellow and its variations, shades of yellow and their associations.

Yellow in interior design

In decoration, yellow is a colour that immediately gives a good dose of energy to the space where it is displayed. Whether on the walls or a beautiful design piece, such as a yellow sofa, the room immediately gains personality. Mainly chosen to cover residential spaces such as the living room or the kitchen, yellow, even in a more subdued tone, will find its place perfectly in a bedroom or a bathroom. This choice is justified by the luminosity it radiates and its unstoppable invigorating character. Whether in a large room that is already well lit, or to bring a bit of clarity to a darker corner adding depth and dynamism. Whether in small accents as an eye-catcher or as an overall look for a charismatic atmosphere, yellow has it all.

How do combine yellow in decoration?

With a remarkable capacity for the association, despite its apparent intensity, the color yellow benefits from a solar and natural aura. So many arguments that give it a vintage or contemporary look depending on the colour chosen. Although purple and red appear as complements of this primary colour, this combination is somewhat overused today. Also in a modern yellow living room we bet on dark tones combined with black, white or wood, we distil some yellow furniture and accessories (cushions, lamp, sofa) in a large living room, in a family kitchen, we will use more pastel tones like pink or Choose light blue in English country style, finally for a real vintage atmosphere we will paint the walls in a more sustained tone, almost camel.

The many symbols of yellow

In New York, it is the colour of taxis, in France that of the post office and its mailboxes, etc. It is also one of the four colours adopted by the European Community for the selective sorting of containers: yellow ones receive plastic and metal packaging. Finally, it is also widely used in art (cf. Van Gogh’s Sunflowers) and sport (cf. the yellow jersey at the Tour de France).

In the West, yellow is symbolically associated with wealth, in Buddhism, it is a “sacred” colour, and in China, it is directly associated with the emperor (and thus with power and wisdom). Isn’t that a promise?


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