What are the color trends for winter 2022-2023?

The colour is strict. Far from losing momentum, the 1970s and its outmoded imagination lasted another season with the consecration of yellow and brown. Playing the balanced map, the arrival of winter also marks the return of hues that are better to live with. Driven by an urgent need for inner softness, the chromatic trend slowly leads us to a reappropriation of pastel and poetic tones, reconnecting with the idea of a haven but with a touch of cheerfulness.

Brown to warm up the atmosphere

Inseparable from the most prominent atmospheres of the moment, the palette of browns relies on its warm variations to add just the right amount of sophistication to interiors. If previous seasons were still punctuated by anecdotal outpourings of brown, the winter of 2022-2023 confirms the ubiquity of this hue straight out of the ’70s. On the walls, the velvet sofas and other occasional furniture, the shades of brown weave a comfortable dialogue between materiality and sobriety of a new kind.

Sky blue to soothe your interior

Contrasting with the bold hues that punctuate the trend, Sky Blue relies on pastel oscillations to refresh without overdoing it. Baby blue or English blue, blue-grey or horizon blue, the favourite colour of the French abuses its unfailing neutrality, ready to evolve according to desire and the season. A subtle foray into maximalist movement, Sky Blue balances a chromatic balance, trading its cutesy imagination for that softness. Almost a necessity these days.

Orange for a striking interior

In the inevitable wake of the culmination of the ’70s and ’80s, which continue to dictate our desires, orange and its variations impose themselves with extravagance in our decor, eclipsing less racy colours in the background. If its powerful version conquered the contemporary creative scene, immediately applying it to the most daring pieces of furniture, the walls require more moderation. For winter 2022-2023, orange takes up the already defined vocabulary of the colour terracotta and projects the decor into another dimension.

Pink to soften the decor

Consecrated and then gradually abandoned, Rosa is making a remarkable comeback. Ready to unleash its candy glow this winter, it replaces creams, beiges and other nudes, revealing variants rooted in modernity. Far from the syrupy qualities that are likely to be absent, rose is built on the same foundations that opened the doors of our interiors to him: a good dose of poetry, an unerring tenderness and an unerring ability to associate. Soberer than it seems, Rosa shows its timelessness in all the tones in the house.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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