Ways Why You Should Use Wood Panels in Your Decor

The wood panel is one of the biggest trends if the moment in interior design that adds simple beauty, comfort and style to the decor. There are many reasons why you should be using wood panels in your decor, so we’ll name a few for your inspiration and info.


It is impossible not to mention the comfort that the wood panels bring! Their warmth brings such a cosiness to the decoration that is simply incomparable. They are a great choice to break the coldness of environments covered in ceramic floors, for example, or that are excessively bright.

Possibilities of use

As much as they can be incorporated in any type of environment, they can be used in external ones too. With the wooden panels, you can highlight specific areas of a room or even add functionality to the piece by using it with shelves and built-in niches.


Since wood is a very versatile material in nature it can be found in different texture patterns and different shades. You can choose to install it in large and uniform pieces or even in small formats that resemble a mosaic.

Simple installation and maintenance

The ease of installation and maintenance is another good reason to have wood panels since they can be installed quickly and can be maintained without major fuss. They would make a very little mess.

Hide imperfections

Walls with exposed wiring or some defected walls can be easily covered by wood panelling. So hiding imperfections is another good thing on the list of why you should have wood panels for your decor.

Style and beauty

Wooden panels are definitely timeless and it’s easy to say that they can go with any decorative style, from the most classic to the most rustic, including modern decorations too. They are easy to combine with other elements, and colours, and can be a great companion for a marble or porcelain floor, as well as a lacquer or glass table.

We selected some ideas of environments that have been designed with wood panels so you can get inspired:











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Author: Renata Kralevska


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