Ways To Adopt That “Blue Horizon” At Home

Voted color of the year 2022, horizon blue is a slightly gray sky blue. It is soft, felted, luminous, and easy to adopt, in its light version as in a darker variant. The proof with a series of good decorative ideas to invite color into your home!

1. Horizon blue with wood

The greatest ally of the horizon blue color is wood. Natural and warm, the combination is as elegant with a wooden kitchen as it is with a coffee table in the living room, under the beams in the bedroom, or with a baby’s wooden cradle.

2. Horizon blue bed linen

For those who wouldn’t dare to use horizon blue on the walls, you can also adopt it more simply with the gray-blue bed linen. Soft, zen, and natural, it ensures chic decor and blue dreams, cut a little. Perfect with whites, light grays, and beiges!

3. A soothing horizon blue bedroom

Nothing like a coat of horizon blue paint in the bedroom to create a soothing atmosphere. Associated with white and gray, the shade rests and relaxes, providing you compensate for its coldness with elaborate lighting or a few touches of warm colors on the side.

4. A party palette with horizon blue

You had to dare: among the variations of its color of the year 2022, the paint specialist offers an unusual atmosphere combining horizon blue with lemon yellow and pale pink. Creative atmosphere guaranteed!

5. A mineral palette with horizon blue

Always, horizon blue blends with earth and stone tones, from browns to grays. Enough to compose a minimalist and refined atmosphere, both modern and natural, which adapts to all rooms.

6. An ultra-chic bathroom in horizon blue

As we said, we love horizon blue in the bathroom for its zen and relaxing side, evoking both air and water. As for adopting an ultra-chic version, simply combine it with round shapes, marbled effects, and copper or gold details for an original and refined art deco style!


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