Uspenskoe by Kerimov Architects in Moscow, Russia

Project: Uspenskoe
Architects: Kerimov Architects
Location: Uspenskoe, Moscow, Russia
Area: 7,965 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of Kerimov Architects

Uspenskoe by Kerimov Architects

The 740 sq. m two-storey house is located on a site with a slope, in the Novouspenskoe villa community, Moscow region.
The main entrance and garage are positioned at the lowest point of the site. The house is oriented according to maximum insolation and viewpoints: a beautiful landscape with pine and birch trees opens from the windows, and enough natural light enters the premises.
This solution allowed distancing the house from dense development and concentrating it around the courtyard where all the main premises face to.

We could keep a large area of a small site untouched, leaving 80% of the trees untouched, thanks to the correct distribution of architectural volumes.

The architecture of the house can be divided into three blocks. In the first one, on the ground floor, there is a living room-kitchen with a separate functional kitchen; and a master area with a bedroom, walk-in closet, and bathroom on the second floor. On the ground floor of the second block, there is a garage and a utility block, a home office also serving as a second bedroom – on the second floor; SPA with a small floating bathtub, a gym, and above it, there are two children’s rooms. The last block also contains rooms for staff.

The transition between blocks is made in the form of a double-height gallery, which will be filled with art objects from the clients’ collection. The gallery’s large glass area allowed us to move away from dark corridors and welcome more natural light into the space.

The house has three terraces: two of them are on the ground floor, near the living room and dining room, and the third is next to the master bedroom, on the second floor.

The balance of volumes, the alternation of dark and light, horizontal and vertical textures, transparent and dense, perfectly fits the house into the surrounding context, once again emphasizing the main principle of Kerimov Architects: each place has its own architecture.

-Project description and images provided by Kerimov Architects


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