Update Your Interior Design with These Easy Projects

Every new season brings new trends and interior design styles that make us want to get rid of everything we have and max out our credit cards with all the unique, trendy pieces. And while this is definitely a dream of some, only a few of us can really afford to do so. So, we’re left feeling even more dissatisfied with our interiors year after year.

However, the answer to this issue lies in a creative approach to tackling the problem. Instead of taking everything from 0 to 100, there are more budget. friendly and easy options and projects you can opt for.

That said, let’s take a look at how you can easily update your interior design and have your old space match your current style and taste.

Clean, fix and clear out

To start off, make a detailed list of everything you wish to be different in your home and see what changes you can realistically make. But before you begin tearing out your carpets and repainting the walls, make sure you clean your house first.

By doing so and getting rid of all those unnecessary things you have scattered everywhere, you’ll end up with a clean and clutter-free space ready to take on whatever you have to throw its way.

Furthermore, make sure you take care of any necessary repairs and even contact theΒ Home Alliance repair servicesΒ to help you out. That way, you’ll ensure that everything that stays in your home is a) working and b) has a clear purpose which you can quickly build upon.

Rethink your lighting

Chances are that you really haven’t given your original lighting scheme a second thought ever since you moved into your home. Instead, you were only ever adding a lamp or two here and there.

Now it’s the perfect time to take a step back, look at your current lighting scheme and see if there are any changes you can resort to to make it both look and perform better.

If you’re not interested in completely redoing your current lighting, consider replacing the fixtures, adding some new layers and replacing your light bulbs with more eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternatives.

Refresh your walls

After you’re done with lighting, you can move onto your walls, particularly if you’ve previously replaced or repositioned some of your lighting fixtures.

Caulk anything that needs to be caulked, fill in any holes you may have and see that you take care of any nicks, bumps and dents.

Once you’re done, grab a bucket of paint – consider changing the current color, a roller or a paintbrush and get down to business. This project won’t cost much, but will entirely transform the space you’re working on.

Spruce up your floors

As soon as the walls are done, make sure you also show some love to your floors.

Start off by erasing any traces of your paint job to avoid having any of them permanently sealed in place. If you hate your old carpets, replace them with new ones or entirely expose your floors, especially if they’re made of natural wood.

Alternatively, consider installing concrete floors or even covering them with tiles if the base allows it for a completely new, stylish, yet extremely low-maintenance solution.

Update your artwork

Finally, once everything is cleaned, repainted, refurbished, freshly illuminated and in its place, it’s time to focus on your artwork and decor pieces.

As our tastes continue to evolve and change, it’s only natural that you may no longer be in love with the art and decor pieces you once adored.

If that’s the case, pack them up in a box – which you can either donate or store away somewhere – and make room for all the new pieces you wish to welcome. And yes, this part can definitely be considered as an excuse for a splurging spree, but try not to go too overboard. Remember that you may feel the urge to repeat the whole process a few years down the line when a new “latest and trendiest” style catches your eye.


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