Trendy, Small & Useful Household Appliances You’ll Love

Small household appliances make our lives easier. Toasters and coffee machines start the day off right. Vacuum cleaners almost do the cleaning for us. So when household appliance brands also imagine very beautiful objects, we can only thank them!

Appliance trends 2022: breakfast, floor care, and homemade

In 2021, among the sales of small household appliances in France, appliances for breakfast and floor maintenance are at the top of the pack*. Confinements and the new era of teleworking are certainly not for nothing… Which products are the most popular? Stick vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners that make household chores easier, but also bean-to-cup coffee machines.

Homemade remains at the heart of concerns: the desire to take care of oneself, to consume better. Pastry robotsblenders, and mixers saw their sales decline slightly compared to 2020 (record year!) but remained in strong growth compared to 2019. 

Evermore beautiful small household appliances

And on the aesthetic side, the small household appliances amaze us. The devices are functional and always more beautiful. This can be seen as a consequence, at least for small kitchen appliances, of the open kitchen trend.

The phenomenon goes beyond the kitchen: vacuum cleaners with clean lines in particular no longer hide in the broom cupboard…

Espresso Machine, Smeg

The new espresso machine from Smeg is extremely elegant: aluminum front, clean lines, and a compact format that allows it to be accommodated even in small kitchens.

An haute couture kettle, Alessi

The Italian designer Michele de Lucchi imagined a crazily elegant pleated kettle.

A retro toaster, Stelton

The Emma toaster from Stelton beautifully combines metal, wood, and plastic.

A designer espresso machine, Delonghi

Freshly ground coffee at home and a very elegant design, this is what the new Magnifica Evo range from Delonghi promises.

A compact espresso machine, Sage Appliances

Espresso machines, if they make excellent coffee, are sometimes too bulky for our small kitchens … It was without counting on The Bambino from Sage Appliances, beautiful and efficient.

A multifunctional pastry robot, Bosch

Something to make your cake preparations easier: the Bosh MUM5 is also equipped with an integrated scale and timer.

Anesthetic and ethical robot vacuum cleaner, Amibot

Designed, assembled, and packaged in France, the new robot vacuum cleaner from the Montpellier brand Amibot combines performance and aesthetics with its oak wood covering.


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