Tips for Decorating a Small Apartment

Decorating a small apartment can sometimes seem difficult, but with the right ideas, you can transform your space into a truly comfortable and functional place.

Opt for multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture is a good solution to optimize space in a small apartment. For example, a coffee table that turns into a dining table, a wall-mounted desk, or a convertible sofa can help you save space easily.

Also, consider optimizing your space by occupying unused corners.

Use wall shelves

Wall shelves allow you to use vertical space and thus free up floor space. You can use them to store books, decorative objects or even to put some green plants. In addition, they dress the walls and allow you to create a truly unique and personal decor.

Choose light colors

Light colors like white, beige, and light gray can help visually expand the space and make it brighter. It’s not about creating a monochromatic interior, but rather finding the right balance between different colors and materials.

Even with white walls, you can create warm decor thanks to materials such as wood (oak or walnut), velvet, or even terry cloth, which has been very trendy in recent years.

Use light curtains

By opting for light curtains, in linen or hemp for example, we let in natural light while offering privacy. So avoid thick and dark curtains which can make the room visually smaller.

Play with textures

Textures can help add depth and authenticity to a small space. Take the time to choose your cushions, but also your rugs and throws to add texture to your decor.

More and more brands are now offering textured finishes, such as a loop chair, but also a lamp with a linen shade. This is the kind of detail that will make all the difference because these materials will bring character to your room.

Get good lighting

Lighting is often the key to a successful decoration. In a small space, it will make all the difference. Imagine a small room lit only by spotlights. Now, try to visualize this same room, but with softer lighting: a floor lamp, table lamps, a pretty pendant lamp… The atmosphere that emerges will be much more pleasant! 

In this small bedroom, the gallows lamp allows you to properly illuminate the sleeping area without any footprint: it’s a good example of space optimization!

Now that you have all the keys in hand, you can decorate your small apartment in a practical and aesthetic way.


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