Tips For Decorating A Grey Bathroom

Gray is the new beige! Most likely you have heard it out there. And it is not for nothing, after all, color has proved to be the favorite when the intention is to create modern, sophisticated environments with a certain minimalist touch. And why not take advantage of this wave and bet on a gray bathroom? Color has everything to make this home environment much more beautiful, cozy and functional.

Come take a look at the tips and get inspired to make the most beautiful gray bathroom in the world!

How to take the gray color to the bathroom?

Loved the idea of ​​a gray bathroom, right? But if you still have doubts about how to insert color in the environment, just take a look at the tips below:

Cabinet and furniture

Bathroom furniture can and should be gray in color, be it lighter or darker. Currently, there are options of ready and modulated furniture in gray, but if you want an exclusive project, invest in furniture designed for your bathroom.

Ceramic tiles

Another very popular way to bring gray to the bathroom is through ceramic tiles that can be placed on both the floor and the wall. Gray porcelain tiles, for example, are a great choice for the floor, while tile-like tiles, subway tiles, and hydraulic tiles look amazing on the walls.

Remembering that you do not need to coat all the bathroom walls with ceramic. Currently the most common is to use coverings only in wet areas, such as the top of the sink and the inside area of ​​the box.

On the walls

In addition to ceramic tiles, you can bet on other types of tiles for gray bathroom walls. Starting with the wallpaper. Did you find it strange? But it is not! Nowadays there are vinyl wallpaper models, that is, they are resistant to moisture and are released for use inside bathrooms. Another option is the use of 3D coverings that guarantee an atmosphere full of personality, as well as wall textures.

Want something simpler? Then you throw yourself into painting. A gray paint (even on an existing coating) can renew the face of any bathroom.

Burnt cement

Burnt cement is very popular, especially in projects with an industrial-style influence. The effect can be achieved on the walls and floor, as just a detail or covering the entire length of the bathroom. You’re the boss.

Sanitary ware

Cuba and the toilet don’t have to be white, did you know that? Try using gray crockery, for example, and be amazed by the glamorous and beyond the modern result.

Natural or synthetic stones

Marble, granite, and slate are a few more options that you have available to create a gray bathroom. These stones can be used on the sink countertop or serve as a floor and wall covering. However, it is important to remember that they need to undergo proper treatment to avoid slips and falls.


Bath towels face towels, and the rug can also be gray. These props complement the bathroom proposal and finalize the project. It is also worth using bathing suits as a way to insert only a few details in gray or the other way around, if your bathroom is already gray, use towels in a contrasting color to bring life to the environment.

Embellishments and details

Plant pots, aromatizers, candles, paintings, supports, boxes, baskets, organizers … All of this is to help you insert the gray color in the bathroom decoration. Therefore, do not underestimate the capacity of these small, but fundamental, decorative details.

Check now 9 gray bathroom designs that are a real inspiration:











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Author: Renata Kralevska

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