Tips And Ideas For Decorating The Wooden Screen From Your Dreams

Is there anything more versatile and democratic than a wooden screen? It goes well in the most different decorative proposals and masterfully fulfills several functions.

Want to know more about this piece full of a thousand and one uses? So follow this post with us.

What is a screen?

The screen was born in the 8th century in Japan. Originally it was designed to stop winds and drafts. It was only in the mid-eighteenth century that the screen arrived in the western world and was also used as a room divider. But it was Hollywood stars who were responsible for popularizing the use of the screen during the golden age of cinema. The piece gained fame when the divas started using the screens for costume changes, which ended up giving the piece a sexy and mysterious look as well.

It didn’t take long then for the screen to become desirable in common homes, being used in many different ways, especially now, where housing has reduced in size and the need to create more private environments, but without losing integration, has gained strength. Wooden screens are traditionally the most popular. Initially, the screens were produced from wooden slats responsible for giving the structure of the screen. The “closing” was done with sheets of paper.

Over time, the wooden structure remained, what changed were the materials used to close the screen. Nowadays, it is possible to find wooden and fabric screens, others all closed in wood, in addition to Indian-style screens, where the wood is handcrafted. Another feature of the screens is the structure model. Some have only a straight, smooth sheet. Others, however, can bring up to three sheets, giving the piece the articulated aspect, ideal for larger spaces.

The height of the screen also varies a lot, but by default, the most common is to find screens with a maximum height of 1.80 meters.

How to use the screen in decoration

The screen, as you can already imagine, can be used in different ways in the decoration and functionality of the house. The important thing is that the wooden screen is following the decorative proposal of the environment. Modern spaces, for example, should bet on clean style screens and even creative shapes. A more rustic environment combines with a demolition wood screen, for example.

The most popular way of using the piece is as a room divider, as the screen helps to demarcate the environments, but without removing the integration that exists between them.

But you can bet on the use of the screen for other purposes, some even quite creative, as you can see below:










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