Tipis for Using the Brown Wall Color in Decoration

Cozy and comfortable, the brown wall inspires the most different decoration projects. 

No wonder, after all, this is one of the most used colors in interiors, precisely because of the ease of composition. And you also want a brown wall? To see the tips, ideas and beautiful inspirations we brought below.

Why should you have a brown wall?

Neutral color is always welcome

Brown is a mixture of the three primary colors, that is, red , yellow and blue, even so, it is considered a neutral color because it manages to harmonize very well with several other colors. 

This versatility of the brown color allows it to be used in different types of decoration projects. Next to beige, for example, brown forms a classic, sober and elegant tone-on-tone composition. If used with light gray, brown suggests a more modern and youthful decor.

Bring comfort

Brown is the color of nature. That’s why it’s so easy to feel safe, welcomed and comfortable in the presence of this color. A brown wall helps to de-stress and put ideas in place. It is not stimulating, as warm colors are, nor does it cause despondency or melancholy, as cold colors can.

This is a color that knows how to welcome those who come home offering lap and affection.


Want another good reason to use brown in your decor? We give you! The color is timeless. And what does it mean? Time does not pass for her. Brown manages to transition very well between different styles and eras, going from classic to modern with a lot of balance.

The brown wall is also an indication that your decor will never go out of style. There’s always room for this color in interior design, no matter when.

What colors go with brown?

It is not enough to just decide to have a wall with brown tones. It is essential to combine it with the other existing elements in the environment and, thus, create a harmonious and balanced decoration. 

Therefore, the first thing to do is to define the color palette that will be used in combination with the brown wall. And that depends on the style you intend to bring to the environment. As we said before, the brown color combines with different colors, but each one of them will be linked to a specific decorative style and an aesthetic proposal. 

In this sense, modern decorations are always well represented by the composition between brown and grey, brown and black and brown and white.

Other colors such as blue and yellow can be used, but in medium tones and with low saturation, that is, nothing too vibrant. A teal blue or burnt yellow are the best options. 

Already a classic and elegant decor is perfect with shades of brown combined with their undertones, especially the lighter ones, such as beige and straw. Rustic-style decorations call for shades of brown combined with other earthy tones, such as tea rose, moss green or mustard.

Want more brown wall ideas? So come see the images that we separate below and get inspired:











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