The Right Colors For Stylish & Comfortable Living Space

When you move into a new home or want to give a new light to the old one, it is very important to choose the right colors for the walls. Find out how to choose the right colors for the walls of your living space to make it look warmer and brighter. Depending on the type of room, learn which is the best color choice.

When choosing paint colors for the living room, the first thing to consider is whether your space is large or small, bright or dark, and which is the kind of the flooring. Some of these factors can significantly affect your choice. For example, if you have a small, dark room, the most appropriate choice is to choose neutral colors, and vice-versa, warm colors if the room is spacious and bright.

Warm colors: yellow, orange, light green, light red and terracotta.

They transmit heat and light and help us to create a pleasant environment, filled with vitality and optimism. These colors should be used in large rooms and to give a strong emphasis on the space. Pay attention to the color of the furniture that you have in the living room: it must match the tone you have chosen for the walls. The warm colors are ideal for combining with wooden furniture, but they also create harmony with white.

Cold colors: shades of green, purple and dark blue, indigo, dark pink or green eucalyptus.

They transmit freshness, tranquility, peace and relaxation. It is necessary to use them in sunny environments so as not to emphasize too much the feeling of cold. You should not exaggerate with their darker version, and you should use them only on some of the walls in the house.


Neutral colors: pure white and white shades, earthen, gray, cream and beige.

They are very diverse and convey tranquility, brightness and elegance. Neutral colors tend to increase the small spaces. They can be adapted to any type of furniture, and give light and brightness to the dark spaces.


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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