The Perfect Basement Apartment

Although these houses are not very common in our country, in the Nordic countries, the semi-basements habitable in buildings or villas are demanded homes, especially by students. This kind of habitat places like the basement apartments are the best!

One of them worked sometimes for the family, who lived on top and owner of the village, as a babysitter. The deal went very well and the house was perfect for her. He lived there 5 years of career. With this, we want to show you another alternative for students and young people who become independent, instead of a residence or shared flat.

The great advantage of these homes is usually the price, much cheaper than an elevated floor or an independent apartment. Some will think that the windows are somewhat exposed and that passersby can see the interior and make no mistake, but in the Nordic countries that is not an inconvenience. You know, that there is no habitual thing about having curtains and that the interior is visible, they don’t care at all.

The truth is that this concrete basement is very new, renovated, well distributed, with modern and youthful furniture and is quite bright, so we imagine that it must be very demanded by young people. What do you think, would you have liked to live in such a place when you studied?


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