The Most Inspiring Photos of French Doors that Would Fit Your Home

Lots of light, fresh air and a delicate, romantic and slightly rustic touch to the decor. These are (and a few more things) that the French door has to offer.This type of door, also known as double leaf door, counter door and double door, has among its main features, as the name suggests, the presence of two (or more) leaves, which makes it naturally larger than conventional doors. 

In addition to the larger size, the French door is still distinguished by the small “squares” that compose it. And all this extra size directly reflects the amount of light and ventilation the environment gets through it. That is, if you are looking for a door model that values ​​natural light, the French door is perfect.

French door types also vary. Sliding, sliding, slatted and glass-only models are currently available on the market.The tip for those who have a large gap is to bet on the French door with three or four leaves.

For those with little space, it is worth choosing the French sliding door, so you can gain useful area inside the room without having to give up the light and ventilation.

You can also choose the material of your french door. Nowadays it is common to find three versions: wooden french door, iron french door and aluminum french door. Here are the main features of each of them:

Wooden french door

The wooden French door is the most classic of all. It can be used in any environment of the house and also has sliding or opening versions that may or may not come with shutters. A great advantage of the wooden french door is that it allows a wide range of colors. For outdoor areas, prefer solid wood models.

However, this door model tends to be much heavier than the others, requiring a stronger structure. The wooden door also requires major maintenance to prevent termite attack and material rot.The price of the French wooden door ranges from R $ 800 to R $ 3000, depending on the quality of the wood used and the type of finish, as some doors have carved and embossed designs, which end up costing the final cost.

Iron door

The French iron door is perfect for more modern and stripped down decorating proposals, but in some cases it can also refer to a more retro atmosphere.The french iron door can be used indoors and outdoors, always taking care to keep the surface protected from rust.

The most commonly used models of French iron doors are sliding and swinging doors, usually without shutters.The average price of an iron french door is around $ 1300, depending on size and design.

Aluminum french door

Last but not least is the aluminum French door. This French door model is perfect for those looking for something light, with virtually zero maintenance and cost-effective.Usually sold in white, the aluminum French door excels in light spans and large areas, but can also be used in bedrooms, for example.

The price of a sliding aluminum French door ranges from $ 1000 to $ 2500, depending on the size and number of sheets. Remember that it is also necessary to account for the cost of buying and installing glass, which in most cases is not included with the door. French-styled life is life worth living!

Take a look at the following ideas of French doors that are absolutely gorgeous and share your opinions with us!










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