Live Like French With These Provincial-Style Homes

You want to feel like you have nestled in the French countryside? Then the right thing to do first is get introduced to these French provincial-style homes with charming sensibility that can deliver the feeling of France.

Rustic and chic can be easily combined when having the right elements like moldings, ornate carvings and decorative wrought iron with sturdy furniture and some simple textures.

Let’s see the homes that we gathered for your inspiration on how to decorate your home in this elegant style. Or, maybe we will convince you to move to France. Who knows?

Photography | Derek Swalwell

Can you feel the warmth of this provincial-style kitchen? About the glass-fronted cabinetry, it is specifically made so can add charm and to soften the kitchen. This way makes it part of the open plan for the kitchen and unlike the open shelving, this cabinets won’t gather dust. Brilliant idea!

Photography | Armelle Habib

This is the dream villa with the perfect location, south of France. Says it all, ha? Built in the provincial style it just confirms the typical architecture with elaborate use of stone, shuttered doors and windows, and high ceilings with large beams.

Photography | Maree Homer

This one had a large scale renovation, and the good thing is that it didn’t change the heritage facade and the classic features. It only got upgraded on a better provincial level. Wonderful scenery!

Photography | Martina Gemmola

Here we discover the simply pleasure of a leafy weekenders with a wonderful home in provincial style.

Enjoy the rest of the interior designs you are about to see and feel free to comment on your favorite one.

Photography | Cathy Schusler

Photography | Lisa Cohen

Photography | Maree Homer

Photography | Maree Homer

Photography | John Paul Urizar


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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