The Most Inspiring Gourmet Balconies Decorated in Homes and Apartments

The gourmet balconies have become an indispensable space in almost all new real estate projects, commonly used as a socializing space between friends and relatives, the famous barbecue. Balconies can also be used as dining areas and lounging areas. 

It is important to think of all your needs before setting a project for the gourmet balcony. With limited dimensions, the ideal is to consider any and all space utilization, while in large balcony designs, it is possible to have a more minimalist design, with large spaces dedicated to the movement between the furniture.One should also make sure the condo rules regarding changing the facade and porch structure, as many already have predefined standards for coatings, paintings, windows and other items. In some cases the resident is free to customize and completely customize the decoration.

To make it easy for you to see, we have separated beautiful design inspirations from modern, small, rustic and other-style gourmet balconies.

1. Gourmet balcony with wood flooring

2. Balcony Design With Dining Table

3. Elegant Gourmet Balcony with Wood Furniture

4. Decoration with the Wood in Evidence

5. A Small Gourmet Balcony with Simple Decoration

6. With Modern and Clean Proposal

7. Meal Space with Built-in TV

8. Quiet Corner with Central Table in Demolition Wood

9. Multi-functional Corner

10. Modern and Very Green


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