The Most Beautiful Trendy Patterns And Prints For 2022

In this fall 2022, the emblematic fabric editors are giving the LA patterns and prints that will sweep into interiors soon. Graphic, dreamlike, poetic, and always chic, these patterns and prints already in vogue or enjoying a sudden resurgence of interest will impose themselves on home textiles as well as furniture and decorative accessories. Although extremely different, they all tell of a common desire, that of doing things differently, of creating decorations that fear neither opulence nor singularity… Discover all these trendy prints to adopt in pictures.

Wave patterns for a revisited natural atmosphere

For the past few seasons, the decorative universe has been surfing with ease on the wave motif. This marine leitmotiv has taken over every corner of the house: mirror, floor lamp, sideboard… Its repetitive curves now impose themselves in recurring patterns on the textiles of the house. XL or ultra-minimalist versions, deployed in series or brief touches, gracefully sweep over the wallpapers and curtains of the moment. In terms of nuances, these waves take on a sandy or bluish palette depending on the medium used. Combined shades that have the effect of doubly soothing at first sight…

Graphic patterns for a seventies effect

The splendor of the 70s is back in service in the decorations of the moment. Graphic and undulating shapes develop their timeless advantages on the fabrics of the house and give the living rooms, in particular, an uninhibited and chic atmosphere at the same time. The shades chosen by these quality prints ignite with an exquisite sense of detail the seats of the house with cushions like the windows with curtains of character. These retro motifs should be combined with textiles of exemplary softness, also from a fantasized seventies past like velvet. Brought up to date, this emblematic tribe of decorative allies with unstoppable charm sublimates decors that are not afraid of doing too much. 

A tie-dye effect print for a dreamlike atmosphere

In line with abstract shapes and decorations that smack the artistic movement, tie-dye injects color gradients and almost psychedelic experiences on the walls and textiles of the house. Directly inherited from the 1970s, this particularly captivating use of shades is perfectly available on panoramic wallpapers. In another genre, intended for textiles, it provides shades and undulating organic shapes to sublimate pieces lacking in color and character. Monumental or minimal version, this pastel shade stands out as one of the essential patterns of 2022


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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