The Most Beautiful Candle Scents Per Seasons

Orange blossom, lily of the valley, cinnamon, lavender, bergamot, white tea, sandalwood, jasmine, caramel, marine and sunny notes, sweet and sweet notes… So many trendy scents and fragrances that smell good in spring, summer, fall, or winter! Let yourself be inspired by these 16 delicately scented candles… and breathe!

Discover the candles with trendy scents according to the seasons!

1. Lemongrass, kaffir lime, ginger root & patchouli (spring)

concrete soy wax candle as beautiful as it is fragrant with notes of ginger and patchouli, refreshed with kaffir lime zest!

2. Lily of the valley (spring)

Top notes of lotus flower and marine note. Heart notes of jasmine and lily of the valley flower. In the top!

3. Lavender

Lavender fields are a must in summer. Close your eyes and breathe: you’re there!

4. Lemon, bergamot, rosewood, and nutmeg (summer)

Named evocative of holidays on the Basque Coast, this candle with marine and woody notes reveals a fresh heart blending lemonbergamot, and rosewood, all enhanced with spices such as nutmeg and clove.

5. Orange blossom (autumn)

This candle with soothing and solar notes promotes relaxation and well-being. A good boost as the cold and gray settle outside!

6. Caribbean Vetiver and Sandalwood (autumn)

Scents inspired by nature with this Caribbean Vetiver and Sandalwood candle.

7. Christmas cookies (winter)

The tantalizing smell of delicious cookies baking as Christmas approaches …

8. White tea and jasmine (winter)

Fresher smells like white tea and jasmine will take you on a journey with their sweet scent.

9. Caramel and vanilla (winter)

sophisticated and gourmet fragrance that lulls you like a soft soothing night…


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