The Meaning Of Coral Color And Combinations To Fit Your Home

Color Coral or Living Coral does not seem to want to leave the scene anytime soon. Chosen by Pantone as the color of the year 2019, the color continues to show its versatility and high spirits in decoration, fashion, and design.

And if you also want to bet on this color for your home, stay here and follow all the tips and inspirations.

Coral: what color is this?

The Living Coral is an illuminated tone that draws both pink and orange, in addition to bringing a soft touch of gold in the background.

This combination of colors could not result in anything other than energy, joy, warmth, relaxation, creativity, and lightness. Living Coral was inspired by the corals of the ocean and, therefore, speaks a lot about the connection with nature. It is that color that also refers to the dusk of an autumn day or the undertones of the beach sand when bathed in the sun.

On the other hand, the Coral color is also closely related to the digital universe, representing the colors and tones that frequently inhabit social networks. This convergence between the natural world and the digital world makes Living Coral a color capable of welcoming and embracing different aesthetic proposals, from the most rustic to the most modern, bordering on industrial and even minimalism.

For these and others that Coral color continues as a trend in design, expressing welcoming, receptiveness, warmth, and well-being.

Coral matches what color?

The coral color is extremely versatile and knows how to combine very well with different colors and shades. But, of course, there are always those that stand out the most. So take a look at the colors that best match the Coral color and get inspired:

Coral and blue

The pink hue of corals in contrast to the blue of the sea is one of the most beautiful complimentary palettes there is. Therefore, it is good to know in advance that this composition brings the sea into the house. But not only that. This is a palette that warms but at the same time soothes. It’s serene and joyful, refreshing and cozy.

The more vivid shades of blue, such as turquoise, for example, form, together with the Coral color, a relaxed, modern, and relaxed composition. The more closed shades of blue, such as petroleum blue, reveal a sophisticated, elegant, and, at the same time, good-humored palette, thanks to the presence of the Coral color.

Coral and green

Another palette that has been successful out there is the color Coral in the company of green. These two colors, also complementary to each other, reveal nature in an even more passionate way.

The composition is warm, tropical, and refreshing. It resembles a forest on a summer day. The softer the shade of green, the fresher and more youthful the palette becomes. Those who prefer something more sober and sophisticated can take a chance on the composition between darker greens, such as emerald or moss, next to the Living Coral.

Coral and yellow

The composition between coral and yellow is modern, cozy, and comes very close to the beach atmosphere, but without being obvious. The warmth of the yellow unites with the cozy warmth of the Coral color and, together, they transmit joy, relaxation, and welcome. Impossible to go unnoticed by this combination.

Coral and gray

For those looking for modernity, but escaping a bit from the cliché of neutral colors, you can fearlessly bet on the palette of gray and coral. The combination is perfect for dazzling modern environments, but at the same time, they also want to be welcoming and creative. This duo is especially welcome in industrial and minimalist-style decors, though not limited to them.

See below 9 passionate inspirations from environments decorated with the living coral color:











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