The Infallible Rules For Furnishing Large Living Rooms

With a large living room, you do not have space problems, but you do have when it comes to harmoniously integrate the furniture and achieving a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you want to achieve it, here we tell you how.

Pick a focal point, like a large-format painting…

Do you want your large living room to transmit balance? Choose a focal point around which the decor of the room revolves. In this room, the interior designer has chosen an abstract painting in black and white. Around him, he has furnished the living room with two white sofas, a coffee table, a couple of armchairs, and a pouf, forming a perfect square.

…Or a fireplace lacquered in a striking color

In addition to a canvas, other resources can serve as a starting point when decorating a large room. An architectural element β€”beams, pillars, moldings, a bookcase, or a fireplace are also remarkable enclaves. In this XL room, the interior designer has chosen the fireplace and the side shelves as the focus of attention. Its lacquer in a bold green color is largely responsible. Around it, the living room has been completed with two sofas, a large solid wood coffee table, and an upholstered armchair.

Have a large place to store (not necessarily books)

Another concession that allows you a generous living room is to project a wall-to-wall storage area. You can take advantage of it to store dishes, table cloths, or as a bookcase if you are addicted to reading on paper. This is what is done in this room, create a couple of great wooden shelves and turn the window that separates them into a delicious lookout bench with a drawer included.

Opt for multiple coffee tables

Your spacious living room with two or three sofas requires you to have a large coffee table so that everyone who feels can get to it. Another super original alternative is to have several coffee tables that provide visual lightness. You can choose the nest type, of the same material but in different sizes, and extend them when you need. This is what the decorator has done here. Or opt for all of them different but with a connecting link: shape, material, or color.

Create an extra corner for whatever you want

More advantages of a large room? You can divide it into several areas: a living room to watch TV, another small room to chat, a dining room, a work area… The decorator has created a pleasant reading area under the window next to the living room. To furnish it, he has chosen a comfortable armchair, a floor lamp, and a side table to put the book down when you get up.

Add auxiliary furniture in your large living room

The concise list of basic furniture for a mini living room is greatly expanded if space is not a problem. A sideboard, a dresser, a side table, poufs… will be welcome as long as they are needed and contribute something. It is not worth filling your living room with unnecessary elements. In this image, the interior designer has placed a console under the window and some auxiliary nesting tables next to the sofa. All three share designs, wood, and metal, to match the coffee table and the fireplace. They provide lightness and dynamism.

Bet on organic shapes

And what is that, you ask? Organic shapes are those that have an irregular, whimsical outline that, often, try to imitate the shapes of nature (clouds, trees, mountains…). Now take this concept to the decoration of your large living room. How? Choosing sinuous furniture, with original designs that will not leave anyone indifferent. The armchairs, the coffee tables, the floor lamp, or the same teapots, vases, or moldings are good examples of this in the living room of the image. Thanks to their presence, a relaxed and welcoming space have been achieved.


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