Selection of the Most Inspiring Bookcase Models

The shelf is a very useful piece of furniture in any home so it is a key piece of decoration. Most of the time we use it to store books by setting up a small library or reading cornerThe good thing is that it has incredible versatility which allows it to be used in various environments.

The cool thing is that you play with it, composing the books differently. To start, check the space you want to insert and then choose the model you prefer and like. There are several models in department stores or you can have them made to measure with a cabinetmaker. Then organize harmoniously, it can be by size, alphabetical order, color, author, or any other type that you find interesting. A nice option that leaves any modern environment is the modular bookcase. It leaves the books organized by niches and its structure is very resistant. The fun is to alternate books with other decorative objects to give more charm to this space.

Also, the bookshelves can be assembled in places close to the stairs or that space that is under it making optimal use of space. Another way is to mount a panel on the entire wall or on the television panel that looks attractive. For those with a small space, you can invest in a shelf-shaped partition with shelves or niches.

To explore this theme further, see the cool ideas that we have separated from bookshelvesThis item will bring a lot of personality to your home!











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