The Keys To Choose The Most Fitting Coffee Table For Your Living Room

This occasional piece of furniture may seem like a secondary piece compared to other furniture such as the dining table. But if you analyze how many times you use the dining table per week or month, and how many times you use the center table, the balance in favor of the latter is evident.

To choose the coffee table that best suits our living room, it is important to take into account several variables that we are going to review with you if you continue reading. 

Choose the right size

It may seem like a no-brainer to match the coffee table to the available space. But we assure you that it is a mistake that is made quite often. Surely you remember a house in which in the space between the sofa and the television cabinet there was a too large table that took up much of the space or vice versa. Too tiny a table, on which you could hardly lean anything.

The secret is to adjust to the available space, ensuring a safe passage area (between 40 and 50 cm around), preventing the table from eating up the room, or precisely the other way around, from getting lost among the rest of the furniture. Measure well, and look for a size that allows the table to be perfectly integrated.  Also, think about the use that you are going to give it: it will depend on the number of family members, if you are going to use it for lunch and dinner in front of the television … everything influences when choosing a table, or another. Nesting tables are a great option to make compositions, give movement and dynamism to the space, and incidentally, be able to group them and leave them collected when you are not using them.

Also think about whether you want to use the table as storage space since there are tables that have shelves, or even drawers.

Be careful with the height 

When it comes to height, it is best to keep the coffee tables low. This will prevent them from having too much visual impact, and in addition, you will also make it more comfortable and functional when you are sitting on the sofa.

The rule of thumb is to get the table to be the same height as the sofa or even a little lower. If you need a higher table, because you telework on it, or because you have dinner or lunch, you can always opt for a lift table

Choose the material

The material is another aspect that you must take into account when choosing your coffee table. If you choose a glass table or another transparent material, you will be able to visually lighten the room. If you want to achieve that effect, also look for stylized tables, with thin, elongated legs, and without frills. Wood and glass tables are a safe bet because they fit into multiple environments. And tables made of noble materials such as marble provide a sophisticated touch, while tables made of natural materials such as wicker give a fresh and comfortable look.

If there are children at home, it is important to choose rounded corners and avoid materials that can break and cause an accident, such as glass.

These are the most adorable coffee tables that we found to inspire you:










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