6 Large Living Rooms That Make The Most Of The Space

Decorating a large room can be a challenge so that it is not empty. Delimiting the spaces, an adequate distribution, and a wise choice of accessories and colors is key. Get inspired by our gallery.

1. Living room with two environments

When the living room is very large, it is possible to create several spaces. On the one hand, the living room, with a white sofa with a wooden table and a black iron structure, and a reading corner with an armchair with footrest and an imposing half-height shelf. The key to unity is to play with the same color scheme. Thus, white acts as a base and, together with burgundy for cushions and plaids, acts as a common thread between environments.

2. Molding to the plant

This large living room with huge windows has been distributed so that the sofas adapt to the floor of the room. But, so that it is not too empty and cold, a small corridor has been left behind armchairs and sofas. One of the maxims when decorating a large living room is to avoid gluing the furniture to the walls, letting the pieces ‘breathe’.

3. With two tables

In large rooms, in which there are several armchairs and sofas, a great decorative asset is to install two twin coffee tables that serve all the seats. Here, we have chosen two elegant tables with a wooden structure, which guarantees warmth, with a glass top, which allows the circulation of light and is not burdensome in this classic room.

4. A rustic living room for the whole family

So that this room would not be cold and give a feeling of emptiness, the decorator placed the living room in the middle of the room, without gluing the furniture to the wall. With their backs to the door, a couple of armchairs have been placed in a place of the sofa, which is lighter. And they have been chosen in a light tone, which serves to reduce the visual weight of the beams. Also, rugs have been used for zoning, delimiting the area of ​​the sofas from the rest of the room.

5. Two rooms in one

A more intimate and comfortable one next to the fireplace, made up of two armchairs with footrests, and a more social one, with two modern curved sofas. These current lines of furniture contrast with the classicism of other elements, such as the lamp, the moldings, and the curtains.Β Β 

6. Around the fireplace

This room has plenty of warmth, elegance, and style. Two sofas flank the fireplace, enhancing its presence, and two armchairs close the whole and give it unity. Thanks to the fact that there are plenty of meters, a kind of corridor have been created that facilitates access to the outside and a work shelf has been planned, which provides storage.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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