The Best Home Theaters for Your Home

The home theater is one of the environments included in the program for the elaboration of a residential project. As it is a space that everyone in the house enjoys, it also serves to receive guests offering social interaction with friends and family.

The main characteristic for designing a home theater room is the acoustics, so choose the furniture, the furniture colors, the floor type, and the covering materials very well. Prefer the use of wood for the panels, rugs to decorate, carpet floors, wallpaper, plaster on the ceiling, or styrofoam boards on the wall. These types of materials absorb sound to prevent it from spreading.

Regarding the sound, invest in a high-quality system and place several speakers in the environment which has a better effect when watching a movie. The room must offer a sound, image, and lighting system that is different from an ordinary television room. It can also be used as a video game room or even to watch television, with the advantage of having much better quality than normal.

If you want to transform your room into a home theater space, it must be reserved with the rest of the house, as this will prevent the spread of sound to other environments. Most home theaters are inspired by a cinema room, but adapted at home, with a smaller dimension than with the same material and furniture.

The size of the television can compromise the quality of the image if it is not appropriate for the size of the environment. Because depending on the distance the closer to the TV the more uncomfortable it gets. Her position is very important, always center in the middle of the room and with the armchairs or sofas in front of her, avoid putting them aside. If you have many windows in the room, the use of curtains is necessary so that the reflection of the lighting does not disturb the image.

As for the decor, invest in large, retractable sofas or with the long chaise so that you are comfortable. The puffs give a special touch and make the place cozy and can be used to stretch the legs. Bet on patterned pillows to give color to space and make it much more stylish. For those who want to get in the mood bet on pictures of your favorite movie and frame it to hang on the wall, it leaves the place beautiful and decorated.

See the 9 references of Home Theater that we separated for you to be inspired, ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated:











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