T 801 Apartment by Acunsa Arquitectos in Mexico City

Project: T 801 Apartment
Architects: Acunsa Arquitectos
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Area: 2,368 sf
Photographs by: Alberto Moreno

T 801 Apartment by Acunsa Arquitectos

Apartment T 801 is located in one of the most affluent areas in western Mexico City, Colonia Bosque de las Lomas. In its early years the neighborhood was ringed by forest land, and over time and with urban growth has evolved into a cosmopolitan district with all the urban amenities necessary for comfortable living.

The project consisted of a total renovation, and using the structure as a shell, eliminated all the walls which had divided the previous spaces to accommodate the needs and preferences of the new family which occupies it today, a music loving couple.

In general, the design focused on open, well-lit spaces, using large tempered glass sliding windowpanes, taking advantage of the views from the apartment’s main areas onto a wooded hillside, both to enjoy the landscape and to make the best possible use of natural light.

The apartment has 360 square feet of floor space and is on the eighth floor of a tower which, on the top floor, offers amenities including a swimming pool, gym, and multi-purpose room for residents’ entertainment and comfort.

The main entrance is framed by a metal doorway which blends with paneling of the same material; this entranceway divides the social and service areas; the main hall has flooring in unpolished travertine marble, walls in steel gray texture, and white ceilings.

A space was created where music plays an important part, the lighting enhances the qualities of the design producing pleasant atmospheres, and furnishings were chosen seeking quality and style consistent with the apartment’s different spaces.

Because the owners are dedicated musicians (she plays the piano and he the saxophone), the social area -formed by the living and dining room- is divided by a piano, which is the centerpiece of the area, in its own, specially designed space, where it looks like a magnificent piece of sculpture. The living room is bounded by two walls in exposed white concrete in a wood texture finish with bows in steel gray; at the far end of the living room a long steel plate fireplace serves as the visual focal point.

The dining area is formed by a black granite breakfast bar and doors in solid walnut. A jalousie in smooth exposed concrete frames the corridor leading to the study and the master bedroom.

The master bedroom is spacious, with a sitting room or TV room and a large dressing and bathroom; the entrance is a moving wall, using a mechanism formed by a wrought iron frame faced in wood with a pivot hinge which allows it to turn on its own axis and, when opened with the door, leaves a very wide opening, measuring approximately 2 meters.
The function of this wall is to make room to move the furniture, since the narrow corridor made it impossible to turn larger pieces and place them in their intended areas, and on the other hand, in case of a large gathering incorporate the TV room into the social area. It also visually delimits the hallway, blocking the view into the bedroom.

The kitchen has an island at the center, with countertops of sandblasted marble in gray tones; the cabinetry is finished in high-gloss lacquer in steel gray, and a large section of wall was filled with glass block to provide natural lighting.

-Project description and images provided by Acunsa Arquitectos


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