Stylish Wall Shelves That Will Impress Your Taste

Practical and aesthetic, the wall shelf offers us many possibilities, and this is in all rooms of the house. In metal, rattan, or wood; minimalist or bohemian-inspired, we have unearthed the most beautiful models of wall shelves for your interior.

Where to install wall shelves?

The wall shelf finds its place everywhere in the house.

In the kitchen, you can have pretty pots and everyday dishes. In the living room, you can store books or display beautiful decorative objects. In the bathroom, you expose your care. And finally, in the bedroom, it can be used as a bedside table.

The idea is to install it at eye level so that your gaze naturally rests on it. Also, remember to choose your fixings according to your wall!

How to make a pretty decoration on a shelf?

Do you dream of having beautifully decorated shelves, like the interiors of magazines? No problem!

The golden rule: put your most beautiful objects there. Lamps, books, photo frames, small green plants, candles, and even pretty cosmetics: all that matters is that you choose carefully what you are going to put on your wall shelves.

And this rule is also valid in the kitchen or the bathroom: we avoid exposing the packets of neon-colored pasta, which we instead replace with a glass jar.


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