Stylish Styling Tips That Give The Home A Mediterranean Feel

Who doesn’t love to welcome a new season with seasonal decor? Many associate a renewed environment with the consumption of furniture and small objects, but much lies in the styling of existing details and sustainable solutions. Ahead of the upcoming summer season, we are inspired a little extra by the Mediterranean Sea, characterized by a relaxed interior style with warmth in focus.

How to decorate with a Mediterranean feel in the home – seven stylish interior design tips and ideas that set the style:

1. The molded-in shelf

Mediterranean interior design is characterized by solid solutions in neutral colors. The molded-in shelf is an outstanding example, either with one or more shelves. In addition to its surface-efficient, site-built advantages, the storage solution blends into your interior design. The simple palette makes the solution timeless and instead ready to be spruced up (if desired!) at the level of detail.

2. Inspired by the sea

The Mediterranean-influenced decor is playful in itself, even if the overall feeling gravitates towards the relaxing and harmonious direction. The key is to experiment with form and surface, preferably undulating with natural connections to the surroundings in question. The sea is an example, which can advantageously permeate smaller details like above, in neat designs.

3. Opt for a splash of sunny yellow color

It is basically impossible to get a grip on interior design with a Mediterranean feel without getting into yellow. Regardless of shade, the color has a refreshing connection to warmth and enlivens environments without being perceived as overpowering. Break up the neutral overall image with a playful yellow injection on a smaller scale. Textiles are often a good first step – easy to adapt and move around as needed.

4. Enliven with uplifting porcelain

Even smaller details can bring to mind the Mediterranean – with noticeable effect. The next time you invest in porcelain (here are both auction and flea market hot tips), look for color and pattern, preferably of the stronger kind. Often, both food and nature act as motifs in beautiful color schemes in eclectic shades. Summery, stylish, and a guaranteed statement at summer parties!


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