Stylish and Spacious Apartment Integrating a Movable Wall

Very elegant and neat, this interior exhales style and sophistication. The decoration is the work of Fertility Design, a very interesting Chinese studio, that managed to integrate a movable wall inside the house, in order to create a breezy atmosphere and a more dynamic environment. The studio found the perfect solution and embedded a sliding wall/door, to isolate the working area from the rest of the house. The wall is entirely made of glass, so it creates a pretty good sound isolation.

The smooth transition, from one room to another is emphasised through pale neutral colours. The main material used in defining this space is the natural wood, which offers an elegant touch to this space. Everything is neat and “at the right place”, following the streams of simple, rectangular lines. The place inspires calmness and coziness. The bedroom is spacious and minimalist. There are no particular decorations that disturb the general fresh and relaxed atmosphere. Gorgeous and stylish, this is one fine and distinguished place to both, live and work.



Tags: apartments, interior design, Movable Wall, Stylish and Spacious

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