Small And Charming Duplex With A Great Architecture Plan


The apartment is a duplex near the beach, in Lugo. It measures 30 meters per floor, and although it is new construction, we made some changes. The first thing we did was throw down a partition that was at the entrance. You got to the floor and it was closed. Now you enter and it is an open space. To gain a sensation of luminosity, they painted the entire carpentry in white, also on the staircase.


They used soft and light tones, such as beige and sand, which give a lot of light and spaciousness, and are easy to combine.

To take advantage of the living room if visitors come, they put a sofa bed. The wallpaper on the walls has a textile effect and thus adds warmth. The next resource was to put a painting with the same colors of the decoration.
In addition to being able to go out to the balcony through the living room (you will see it in the previous images), it can also be accessed through a comfortable door located in the kitchen. The wallpaper, also in the living room, gives continuity to space.
The decorator opted to take advantage of it with a custom bench. To make the wall more decorative, he lined it with wood to match the bench.
The idea is that the floor will be comfortable. They did not put a television cabinet, but a niche in the partition to place it inside and thus take advantage of the space. The same partition serves to separate the kitchen and thus maintain privacy.
The decorator opted for a model that integrated well with the decoration. Since it was visible, make it look pretty, with some rustic furniture, with silver handles. In white, it looks bigger. 
To take advantage of this small bedroom, they made a custom headboard. With the mirror supported, the light reflects and looks bigger. The curtains are white to enhance the light and the bedding also has soft colors.
It is one of the infallible resources for a small apartment to be well decorated: put wallpaper, also in areas such as the distributor.

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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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