Shades of purple: How to match the Color in Your Home

Have you ever thought of making home decor using shades of purple? Well, know that the color purple is a trend in the decoration of environments and has conquered more and more space.

Mixing magic, sensuality, spirituality, creativity, and inspiration, the color is extremely mystical. In addition, the different shades of purple manage to make environments even more luxurious, sophisticated, and powerful.

Shades of purple can be used together or combined with other colors. Many people do not like the completely purple environment, opting only for decorative items that follow the tone of purple.

What does the color purple mean?

As the color purple is linked to mysticism, its meaning represents spirituality, magic, and mystery. For stimulating contact with the spiritual side and being able to change the vibrations of spaces, it is considered the color of transformation.

However, the color can mean more than that, as it refers to royalty, nobility, and wealth. This is because, at the time of the Phoenicians, the color purple was an expensive item to produce, being used only by kings and queens.

Therefore, if you want to have an environment that refers to luxury and power, but at the same time is linked to spirituality, faith, and piety, the color purple is a great option to decorate your home.

What are the shades of purple?

In fact, there are not 50 shades of purple, but 41 shades that have already been registered. That’s because the color is the result of mixing red and blue. Know the main shades that are associated with the color purple.


The lilac tone is the purple color mixed with the white color. In the past women dressed in lilac clothes to show that they were available to marry. Therefore, the tone refers to the romanticism and delicacy of women.


Violet is not necessarily a shade of purple because it is understood as its own color. However, they are confused because they are very similar. Color is known as the symbol of alchemy, referring to the fusions and perfect balance of colors.


The purple tone is one that conveys the feeling of respect, nobility, and prosperity. The tone is also linked to the mystical world, mainly because it promotes the feeling of sadness and melancholy.


Magenta is a spiritual hue, but it also references kindness, helpfulness, and compassion. It’s a totally relaxing tone that takes away all worry, frustration, or anger. Therefore, it is an excellent bet for those who want to have an environment that keeps negativity away.


Widely used in the psyche, the indigo tone is associated with brain functioning. It’s the perfect tone to stimulate intuition and imagination. Therefore, you can use it in environments such as offices and study rooms.










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