Seasonal black and white monochrome decor

This year the colour black is the protagonist in the autumn-winter fashion novelties and we couldn’t be happier that this is happening, to stock our wardrobe well with renewed pieces.

As many times these trends in one sector and another are related and influence each other, when we saw this apartment we immediately thought of the series and the clothes.Β You will not deny us that the black and white combo in this apartment is also almost exclusive, from the kitchen to the bedroom or bathroom, there are no more colours.

The neutral grey and white base only have contrasts in black and a touch of wood like the floor or the mesh back of a sofa and the best thing is that even though black on white is always a strong contrast in decoration, where it maintains a Discreet effect and nothing overwhelming.

The key to this visually light decoration of black on white is the proportion and the textures, matt finishes, and straight and thin lines… that is what you have to take care of when combining the two colours so that you do not end up creating a heavy environment.

What do you think of the open kitchen in these cabinet background colours that will never go out of style?







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