Rustic Sconce for a Touch of Charm Into Your Home

The sconce is a special type of luminaire fixed directly to the wall and is generally used in external areas, especially corridors, balconies, and verandas. The special touch of the sconce is due to the diffused and soft light it brings to the environment. 

In the case of the rustic sconce, this effect is even greater, since most models manufactured in this style have natural elements, such as wood, straw, or ceramics.  It is no wonder that spaces decorated with this type of sconce gain a country and bucolic air, which makes them super cozy. 

And to ensure the maximum comfort of the rustic sconce, invest in warm light bulbs, like the yellow ones.

How and where to use the rustic sconce

The rustic sconce is very popular outdoors, as we mentioned earlier. But indoors she also has space. Some more modern models have conquered interior decoration, such as those sconces made only with small pieces of wood with the lamp hanging, in the best industrial style.

This type of sconce is perfect for placing next to the headboard of the bed or on the sofa, ensuring a support light for reading, for example. In bathrooms and washrooms, in turn, the rustic sconce adds beauty and functionality by serving as an extra point of lighting next to the mirror.

But if the intention is to create a cozy atmosphere in the dining room, bet on rustic sconces near the table. It looks beautiful and very comfortable.


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