Rugs That Will Never Go Out Of Style

From classic kilim to natural fiber rugs, there are basics that will never go out of style, and we’ve put them all together on this topic!

Learning how to decorate with rugs will make the difference between a boring and bland room, and a space brimming with style. Not sure where to start? Below you will discover rugs that never go out of style and are a sure hit (in fact, you may already have one).

Β A long pile fringed rug

Just by looking at it, this rug brings warmth. Its cream color is ideal for all environments, and its fringed finish gives it a very casual touch.

Short pile rugs

Short-pile rugs are also timeless. Their soft surface makes environments look more welcoming, and come winter, they are a blessing! The ones that never fail? Those with neutral tones.

A viscose rug

Short pile and made of beige viscose, we like this rug for its elegance and softness. You will find it in various colors and sizes, but the one in the image measures 160×230 cm.

Geometric rugs

And speaking of patterns… Other rugs that do not go out of style are those that exhibit geometric patterns. We like them because they give a lot of life to the rooms and can revive even the blandest of environments.

Furry rugs

Ideal for winter, furry rugs are essentials that are always in style. They come from the Nordic style and fit into any environment, especially in the bedroom. How warm!

Round rugs

In terms of shapes, round rugs also accompany us season after season. There are endless types of materials, but the ones we like the most are those made of natural fibers. Do not hesitate to add them to your home.


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